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Small Business Season Topics

Small Business Season Topics

December 28, 2022


It’s the last week of Small Business Season but you can still make a big impression. Email blasts/campaigns, texts, and newsletters (in addition to your social media posts) can help you get in front of your ideal customer and stay top of mind.


But these marketing tools require content. If you need some fresh ideas, here are a few. Keep in mind since it’s the holidays and people are looking for assistance and escape, you don’t have to, nor should you, post only about business. Any of these topics could work for you if they are presented in an authentic way. Remember 80% of your content should entertain, educate, or inspire. 20% can be geared around what you sell.


Content Topics for the End of Small Business Season

  1. Favorite holiday recipe. Think finger foods and party rations for New Year’s Eve.
  2. Highlight a staff member’s favorite way to ring in the New Year.
  3. Post your holiday hours if you’re closing early.
  4. Share your resolutions or do a resolutions poll.
  5. Tease your audience about a big unveiling in the new year or share your goals and what those new things will mean for your audience.
  6. Share a New Year’s tradition from another culture.
  7. Talk about upcoming trends or predictions.
  8. Revisit some of your favorite things from this year and invite others to do the same such as favorite trips taken or favorite new restaurant.
  9. Invite people to post the best thing that happened to them in 2022.
  10. Ask people what they’re happy to leave behind in 2022. Talk about what you’re glad to be rid of.
  11. Share a New Year’s wish or wish list.
  12. List things you want to do or places you plan on visiting.
  13. Talk about one thing you’re planning to learn more about this year. Invite others to do the same.
  14. Ask people what their three words are that they plan on concentrating on in 2023.
  15. Invite people to fill in the blank, “I will not _____ in 2023.
  16. Collect a list of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in your area.
  17. Create a list of early (in the day) New Year’s Eve celebrations. We can’t all make it to midnight.
  18. Brainstorm some new areas of growth for your business and put out feelers to your audience to see what they think of the ideas. This can be a brilliant way for your fans to feel like they are contributing to your business.
  19. Ask people what they are wearing on New Year’s Eve. If it fits your audience, ask them to share a picture.
  20. Offer a last sale of 2022 just for your newsletter or email subscribers.
  21. Tell a story of your best New Year’s Eve or favorite year and why.
  22. Share a story of something you struggled with in 2022 and how you overcame it.
  23. Tell people what was going on in your industry (or town) in 1923. Talk of all the changes in the last century or another amount of time.
  24. Pronounce this year of the ______.
  25. Create and share a reading list for next year.


This time of year, it’s even more important to think about entertainment when creating content. Most people don’t want weighty topics. They’re looking for light-hearted and moving things to share. Work those into your editorial calendar for even greater engagement so you’ll have a larger audience going into 2023.

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