Chamber Information


The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses unified in efforts to advance the economic growth of the region, promote the interests of the business community, provide key leadership on key commerce issues and preserve the county's quality of life.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce (or COC) is a non-profit entity made up of local businesses, all of which pay for membership. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a voice for business interests in political and public venues, and is often tasked with the job of attracting businesses, investing time and effort into the vitality of the area, and maintaining community-oriented programs.

The COC is a voice for business. When you add your voice to your Chamber of Commerce, you find a place where your opinion makes a difference in the way the organization operates.


Why Join the Chamber?

·         Advertising and directory listings. We publish a popular newsletter on a regular schedule, and distribute our own business directories. When you join The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, you automatically increase your visibility.

·         Professional networking. We are made up of like-minded businesspeople. Some will become friends and colleagues, some will share their years of expertise… and in the years to come, newcomers may look to you for advice. We build a family of entrepreneurs and community businesses.

·         Resources. Outreach, programs, and incentives for small businesses are part and parcel of your membership. We offer resources for businesses and startups, and support as you continue to grow your business through the years. The Chamber also works with organizations to offer incentives to businesses that move into our county.

·         Member Benefits. The benefits of membership extend beyond advertising and funding potential. These benefits are exclusive to members.

·         Representation. The Chamber of Commerce offers a concerted voice for business interests at the local, state, and national levels. From influencing local policy to advocating for national business interests, we have the resources to bring your concerns to a larger audience.

·         Guidance and Consulting. Membership in our Chamber includes access to a small business resource center and to information that can make a difference to even the most seasoned business professional. Workshops, smart business counseling, and question-and-answer sessions are part of membership.

·         Information Services. We can offer you top-quality information on the rules, regulations, and laws governing business in your particular location. 

·         A rising tide lifts all ships. We have the funds, organization, and mission to help bolster our local economy. When you work for prosperity in the community, the community is better able to support your business.

Tap into a pool of knowledge, resources, and hands that can help you build a community that supports your business, and a business that supports your community. Join The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce TODAY!